Dex Meets Dexter

Dex Meets Dexter

Famous Dex

Hip Hop

As the viral hit “JAPAN” has shown, Famous Dex gives his fans license to act a fool. On Dex Meets Dexter, he raps fresh and loose, an artist confident in his freshly inked skin. His triplet flow never falters, while sporadic Auto-Tune adds fluorescent tints to “CELINE” and “THEM DAYS.” Wiz Khalifa lights up “TAKE HER” and A$AP Rocky features on the wobbly hit “PICK IT UP.” All the while, Dex’s 100-watt smile is clearly visible through the speakers.

Track List

1. DMD
2. Prove It
3. Japan
4. Deadpool
5. Light featuring Drax Project
6. Celine
7. Take Her featuring Wiz Khalifa
8. Hemi
9. Pick It Up featuring ASAP Rocky
10. Them Days
11. Said So
12. Xoxo
13. Chump
14. Champion featuring Diplo

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