Yet I Smile

Yet I Smile

Vee Tha Rula

Hip Hop

Listen to the full LP "Yet I Smile" by Vee Tha Rula. Rula worked with multiple producers on the LP, including Eriek OTB, TBooze, Tony Choc, Konshis Pilot, Synesthetic Nation and King Colavito. You will notice this 14 track LP has no featured artist. This is by design. Rula wanted to give the people some of his best work to date and not get trapped into making songs for certain featured artist. Rula described the process of making this LP as "making art" and "finding his lane". Don't worry Rula has plenty of featured records he plans to release at a later date.

The "Yet I Smile" LP features several pre-released singles such as "Nobody", "Rep For" "All The Money" and the latest release "Heart For It". "Heart For It", produced by Synesthetic Nation is one of Rula's fastest growing records worldwide.

Track List

01. Halo
02. I Need More
03. Blow
04. Fee Fi Fo
05. Heart For It
06. Murda Murda
07. About Me
08. On My Own
09. What We On
10. Slide On You
11. No Mercy
12. Nobody
13. All The Money
14. Rep For

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