Endless Summer Freestyle Ft. YG

Endless Summer Freestyle Ft. YG


Hip Hop

New freestyle from G-Eazy "Endless Summer"

Song Lyrics

[Intro: G-Eazy]
Ha Haha
If you– If you ask, then you shall receive
If you assist, then I'll oblige

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
They know my history, so they bring up the past
When I step inside the booth they expect me to spaz
I just hop inside the 'Rari, I'm drivin' it fast
I love to roll up some gelato and listen to jazz
Tell me who is if I'm not the coldest
I'm steppin' on their necks in my Prada loafers
To dominate the game, bruh, you gotta focus
I'm out in Dubai on Versace sofas
Immerse south of Paris, puttin' work in
YSL corporate at my show, fuck a Birkin
Stillhouse, pourin' heavy, sippin' my own Bourbon
G-Eazy, Gerald, Fight Club: Tyler Durden (yeah, ayy)
I'm always playin' both sides
Model money, rap money, bags double sized (yeah)
Recognize, yeah, it's all mine
Believe I'ma profit off this jawline (ha)
Buyin' jewelry is gettin' old
My jeweler said 80k it's gettin' sold (yeah)
Them diamonds hittin' boy, you gettin' bold
Ten shots to necklace, we gettin' throwed
Yeah, every album automatic platinum
How many rappers doin that? I'm actually askin'
These Things Happen, When It's Dark Out, Beautiful is platinum
Three in a row, I'm really out here back-to-back-to-backin' (yeah)
Mixin' Prada with Balenciaga, 'member when I didn't have a dollar to my name
Now these girls chasin' clout, would swallow for the fame
And now my bank balance and my followers the same, Ms
Kept my circle tight, I'm with the same friends
Zero to sixty, three seconds, not the same Benz
I live different, my whip different, my chick different
Only popping up with goddesses, I date tens (yeah)
I step on stage and a star is born
Ten years ago nobody knew that I'd be far gone
In London, drippin' head to toe in Comme De Garçon
Garage is runnin' out of space to put these cars on (ooh)
Silk Chanel scarf on
Play me a beat, I feel I need somethin' to barf on (yeah)
Champion mentality like Steph Curry, I'ma sip and I'ma smoke 'til this cigar gone

[Verse 2: YG]
I got a lot on my platter, this shit so scattered
Bitches gettin' fucked, black lives matter
Fuck the chitter chatter, I put my dick behind what I say
Every check I get, it's a real nigga holiday
Politically incorrect, why? 'Cause I put it on bloods, always rep the set
I'm feeling the same way Pac felt before he left
You ain't got the cash nigga? Pay me in respect
I don't get my credit, I don't get recognition
If you ain't from the other side of Pico I keep my distance
They always bitchin', my homies always trippin'
Promoters don't wanna book me, takin' away from my daughter's riches
Ayy, but Harmony ain't 'gon like that
Life's a fight, live right yeah, fight back
But wait, my hands up don't shoot
Moment of silence for all the racist shit we goin' through
Yeah, goin' through, goin' through
Kap took a knee, they act like he let his gun shoot
Yeah, why's he speak the truth, but he be fuckin' up his cash
You niggas sound like house niggas, I'm in the field, green grass
The white boys say my flow's rad
Just tryna get it like I never had
I'm just tryna fuck a bitch that's bad
And have the homies in all gold like Trinidad
4Hunnid poppin', 4Hunnid poppin'
They gotta fuck with us, they ain't got a option
If they don't fuck with us, they obstant
If she ain't got a Chanel bag, she ain't a option
G-Eazy, you a real nigga
From The Oak town, I know you feel niggas
All these blacks gettin' killed my nigga
Please tell me how these white folks feel my nigga

[Outro: G-Eazy]
Cops killin' black kids and get off scot free
What's the difference, what would happen if a cop shot me?
White privilege is real, black lives matter
I hope the barbecues at Lake Merritt get blacker
Town shit
Racial inequality, police brutality
This shit is all real, please pay attention to reality

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