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New song from rapper Wale titled "Negotiations" Produced by Ayo & Keyz

Song Lyrics

Verse 1:
Mind racing negotiating my situation I burned bridges I can't repair so been fly lately
I've been peddling rhymes so much my calves hurt fly pelican fly Tony Montana work
Yeah I'm comfortable tell my other label I love em create a record collect a check take my name from it the face on that plain Jane can replace budgets
Princess cutter shoe pop singers that can't cut it the ghostwriting both pockets is ??? for the reign of power I'll put you with Rania 5th season
These niggas streaming they shit, they weak but the entertaining don't ever confuse being great with being famous
I'm that nigga fasho(X2)
Some of these niggas was humble with me look how they switch up look how they talk to you different like you ain't better than them
You niggas go up in Ellen forget your Melanin quick
Niggas need a new legend the people never forget I mean a rebel that takes the Devil on one on one and prays a lot ???
I know a lot of rappers who spot em after I take it from em so whoever doubt me gone need a balvin after the jump

Verse 2:
Mind racing negotiating my situation I'm bad business the rap industry thinks I'm crazy the gatekeepers hate me say I'm militant really‚Äč niggas don't feel you less you doing that nigga shit no Folarin, never change never give up your soul Folarin and do your thing cause you giving em hope Folarin you know they say they only love you when broke or dead but I can't count
Nigga done wrote some bars my shit is boastful always for the culture got on by my lonesome

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